Kavita Dwibedi is technically perfect in almost all the aspects of the Odissi style. She has subtlety and skill in good measure to poetry in Ashtapadi. The Pallavi saw the dancer in fine mettle ….. She is no ordinary dancer……worth an encore, anytime……
— Subbudu

Kavita's ineffable dance character rests on a wining combination of total elegance, subtle eye movement and a sinous grace that seeps through it all…..
— K.S. Mahadevan

Kavita Dwibedi's Pingala was a delightfully mature interpretation ….. this growing dancer made sensitive use of Ramahari's fitting melodic framework….
— Leela Venkatraman

Kavita has an appealing, alluring softness verging on sensuousness in her dance which thereby projects the innate beauty and sentiments of Odissi.
— Ashish Khokar

Kavita's dance performance portrayed harmonious movements of poetic elegance that were soft, lilting and musically synchronized. The performer dexterously reflected the highest level of sophistication, composure and magnetism
— Islamabad Post, Pakistan

True to her name, Kavita wrote poetry through her performances bringing out a unique visual delight to the audience with perfect body rhythm
— The News International, Pakistan

Of all the Guru-daughters ....the one who would walk off with a crown for sheer Ananda–creating dance would be Kavita Dwibedi, daughter of Guru Hare Krishna Behera. "
— Shanta Serbjeet Singh

No doubt, Kavita Dwibedi is one of the most successful young danseuses of the Odissi style. Each part of her dance is so neatly executed that one gets completely moved and overwhelmed."
— Ravindra Mishra

Kavita brought visual delight to the audience with the perfect use of her expressive eyes and rhythmic body movements.... "
— News India Times, New York

Energy and rhythm mark the Indian dance show by Kavita Dwibedi
— Daily News, Egypt

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